Time saving thanks to standard Xtendis interface with ANVA

Expansion has achieved a standard link with ANVA that allows the xtendis document management system to access the database of the insurance system ANVA. This ensures the exchange of data and rapid archiving of the various documents. The allocation of archival attributes to a document can therefore be done on the basis of a single datasource.

For example, it is possible to archive a document based on only the policy or damage number in the correct record in Xtendis. The digital Xtendis records are automatically created based on the interface with ANVA. A major advantage of this method is that documents and files can also be consulted outside ANVA.

In addition to ANVA, other applications and links to other systems

A major advantage of Xtendis is that one Xtendis system can support multiple applications. The digital archive is therefore not limited to the documents relating to ANVA but can also be used for other applications. In addition, Xtendis can easily be linked to other systems such as your organization’s website. This allows parts of the digital archive to be made accessible to customers as well.

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