Document managment system Xtendis seamlessly linked with AFAS

Expansion is officially AFAS Profit Partner and has linked its document management system Xtendis to various AFAS variants using the AFAS Profit, Update and GetConnectors. The vision behind AFAS’s ERP software is that all administrative processes, from Finance to HRM to Logistics, are fully automated in a single software package. As a result, there is always full insight into your business operations!

Many of these processes are accompanied by extensive document flows. Expansion has linked Xtendis to AFAS in a variety of ways. This creates a digital archive that is seamlessly integrated into AFAS, but can also be used by other systems or as a standalone application. In practice, this is done, for example, by making the documents archived in Xtendis available both in AFAS and on a customer page via the website. This allows customers to access parts of the digital archive via the website.

The various links with the AFAS ProfitConnector include the following functionalities:

✔ digital archiving in Xtendis of documents produced by AFAS;
✔ use AFAS database data as characteristic for digital file formation;
✔ request documents and files from the xtendis digital archive from AFAS;
✔ scanning, recognizing and booking invoices in AFAS.

Scanning, recognizing and booking invoices in combination with AFAS (Online)

Xtendis adds advanced digital invoice processing to AFAS Profit: incoming invoices are automatically recognized and offered to users for further processing after they have been scanned. The further processing consists of checking and possibly replenishing the automatically recognized data. During this step, Xtendis communicates directly with the AFAS web services. This allows the AFAS data, such as creditors, debtors, ledgers, cost centers et cetera, to be used in Xtendis.

Xtendis can also be used for the digital distribution and approval of invoices. In this process, the AFAS interface can be used to retrieve the booking data from AFAS and to consult them next to the digital invoice.

In addition to scanning, recognizing, booking, distributing and digitally archiving invoices in combination with AFAS, Xtendis can also be used independently for other applications, such as digital archiving of customer and HR files.


Several organizations in different industries have DMS Xtendis linked to AFAS, including:

  • Deltares
  • IG&H Consulting & Interim

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