Linking the DMS with other systems

In our view the added value of a Document Management System is many times greater when it is integrated in the total information provision. By realizing the standard link all digital documents and files can be requested from both the document management system Xtendis and all other systems. Besides that all data from different systems can be used to record documents and files in Xtendis and the management of data takes place centrally.

DMS Xtendis offers among other the following linking possibilities:

  • Use of meta data from different systems
    In Xtendis documents can be provided with search keys that are managed by different applications. Documents in Xtendis can for example be saved in relation files, of which the features are derived from a CRM-application. The benefit of this is that these data only have to be managed in one system. Mutations and accretion are automatically processed by the document management system Xtendis. 
  • Presenting meta data of documents in different systems 
    It is also possible that meta data of documents that are managed by Xtendis are presented in different systems. For example, a user in an ERP system can see which documents relate to a specific order or relationship. The documents are, together with other data on a subject, shown in one overview to the users. 
  • Consulting documents directly in different systems 
    The documents that are managed by Xtendis, can be requested and consulted from different systems. Xtendis directly shows the requested document so that it can be requested besides the system that the user is working in. 
  • Automatic digital archiving of output from different systems 
    All documents that are created from different systems, can fully automatically be archived in Xtendis. Xtendis takes care of a sustainable digital recording of the documents. During the recording, Xtendis determines the search keys. Bulk files are automatically cut up into individual documents. In short, with Xtendis all archiving actions for these documents are fully automated. In addition, Xtendis unburdens the other systems by taking over the management of the often big volume of documents. In Xtendis documents can be combined with documents from different sources. In that way complete digital archives and files originate in which all documents are recorded, no matter what their original form and source is. 
  • Automatic workflow management within other systems 
    Xtendis can ensure that incoming documents for a trigger for workflow processes within other information systems. A user sees within the workflow that a document has arrived. Documents are presented in the same way as tasks that have another source. From a task the concerned document can be seen. New documents that are created are automatically stored in Xtendis.
  • Quicker processing because of automatically recognizing documents
    Xtendis includes a wide range of recognition techniques with which data can be read from documents. These data can then be transmitted to different information systems. Xtendis can for example recognize incoming invoices and capture their data in a financial system. With this the activities for booking invoices are automated. 

For realization of the named functions, our Document Management System Xtendis offers the following standard provisions:

  • Xtendis Web Services 
    With the Xtendis Web Services, systems can easily be expanded with a fully-fledged digital archive. For example, other applications can call Xtendis Web Services to use a range of specific archiving functions, for example the automatic registration of documents that generate systems or the provision of document data.
  • WebLookUp
    The Xtendis-WebLookUp ensures that Xtendis can be addressed with a URL. In this URL a search can be given with the characteristics of the searched document or file. The digital archive system Xtendis will answer this search with the search result in a browser. If the search result is one document, it will of course be displayed immediately.

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