Xtendis is designed to be an integrated part of the information landscape within your organization. It doesn’t matter if the solution is taken from the Cloud (Xtendis Online) or runs within your own network.

For seamless integration with other systems, a Xtendis RESTful API is available. This standard interface is self-documenting, making it relatively easy to call Xtendis from other systems to capture, recall, and present documents.

The documentation of the API contains several examples of code from different programming languages. In addition, Expansion always provides support by a specialized developer.

The API ensures that interfaces are flexible and version-independent. In the case of changes, updates, and upgrades to one of the systems, the interface will be unaffected.

Examples of interface that can be realized with the RESTful API:

  • Providing document data and documents to systems and websites for digitally sustainable capture. Xtendis relieves other systems of this management task and ensures that documents are recorded in accordance with all laws and regulations.
  • Offering documents. Xtendis can directly show a document. Alternatively, it can also stream a document so systems or websites can present it themselves.
  • Retrieval of documents for presentation and display in other systems and websites. For example, presenting a complete client file in a CRM application or a case file on a website.
  • Notifying other systems: The capture of a document in Xtendis can be a trigger for a task within a workflow in another application.

The benefits of the RESTful API in a row:

  • Easy to couple;
  • Flexible and version independent;
  • Self-documenting;
  • Support available;
  • Useable for different types of links.

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