Document management system Xtendis linked with AFAS

Expansion is official AFAS Profit Partner and has its document management system Xtendis with help of the AFAS profit-, Update- and GetConnectoren linked to various AFAS-variations. The vision behind the ERP-software of AFAS is that all administrative processes, from Financial to HRM to Logistics, are fully automatic in one software package. Therefore there is always full insight in your business management.

A lot of these processes are paired with extensive document flows. Expansion has linked Xtendis in various ways to AFAS. Therefore a digital archive that is integrated into AFAS originates, but that also can be used by different systems or as independent application. In practice this happens for example by making the in Xtendis archived documents available in both AFAS and the customer page on the website. Therefore customers can consult parts of the digital archive via the website.

The various links with the AFAS ProfitConnector offer among others the following functionalities:

  • digital archiving in Xtendis of documents produced by AFAS;
  • using AFAS data as master data for digital file formation;
  • requesting documents and files from AFAS from the whole digital Xtendis archive;
  • scanning, recognizing and booking factures in AFAS.

Scanning, recognizing and booking invoices in combination with AFAS (Online)

Xtendis adds advanced digital invoice processing to AFAS Profit: incoming invoices are, after they are scanned, automatically recognized and offered to the users for further processing. The further processing consists of checking and possibly complementing the automatically recognized data. During this step Xtenids communicates directly with the AFAS-webservices. Because of this AFAS-data, like creditors, debtors, ledger, cost centers et cetera, can be used in Xtendis.

Xtendis can also be used to digital distribute and approve the invoices. In this process the AFAS-link can be used to collect the booking details from AFAS and consult them for the digital invoice.

Besides scanning, recognizing, booking, distributing and approving of invoices in combination with AFAS, Xtendis can also be used independently for other applications, like digital archiving of customer- and staff dossiers.


Multiple organizations in different branches use DMS Xtendis linked to AFAS with success; among which:

  • Deltares
  • IG&H Consulting & Interim
  • Verum

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