Expansion guarantees information security

Expansion knows that adequate information security is of the utmost importance for every organization. We use our well thought-out solutions and services around digital document management to ensure that documents are guaranteed to be safe and always immediately accessible. Of course Expansion complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding information security, but it also goes much further. Information security is central to all our actions.

ISO certification at Expansion: step further than laws and regulations

An important step in this is our NEN ISO 27001 certification. This is an international standard for information security and how you deal with it as an organization. On the basis of this certification we can guarantee our customers that their information is in safe hands with us. Safety that is also controllable, because that is what a NEN ISO 27001 certification entails. It is a comprehensive set of agreements and protocols that provides insight into what we do and how we do it to protect your information. Information is crucial for the continuity of your organization and that is something that we at Expansion understand very well.

That is why we at Expansion value this NEN ISO 27001 certification so much: this certification is not mandatory for all applications, but we want to offer the absolute certainty that we take good care of your information. At a time when so much data leaks appear, it is good to think about what you can do to prevent your organization from being the next victim. You can expect that from your ICT partners. Expansion offers security in this area.

NEN ISO 27001 creates clarity

The NEN ISO 27001 standard contains requirements which the management system for information security has to meet. The standard creates mainly unambiguity and clarity with respect to the policy of information security. That is exactly where Expansion stands for:
Clarity on what is expected of each other and also capturing that. Everyone knows and understands on the basis of this NEN ISO 27001 clarification what the goal is and what is necessary to reach this goal concerning information security.

This creates a clear view on the proportions and responsibilities in the relationship between Expansion and its customers. With this NEN ISO 27001 standard, Expansion can show its customers that it meets all demanded international norms for information security. This gives our customers a tangible basis for determining their strategy for information security. The certification is regularly and unannounced checked by external, specialized audit firms. Expansion attaches great value to these audits and always meets the demands. Demonstrable safety for everything! Only then does our NEN ISO 27001 certificate guarantee the customer at any time that our information security system meets all current requirements, both technically and organizationally.

NEN ISO 27001 certificate reduces business risks

What Expansion actually does with its NEN ISO 27001 certification is reducing business risks for its customers. The NEN ISO 27001 standard specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented information security system in the context of the general business risks of an organization.

In summary: it describes and records exactly which steps we take and which protocols we follow to protect your information (permanently) against unauthorized eyes and improper use. It forms the basis for an adequate, workable and verifiable information security system. That is important for our customers. But also for Expansion as a provider of these services, because we always keep a grip on the processes and actions around the customer information. That gives everyone peace of mind.

Risk management with regard to information management

Risk management with regard to information management is high on the agendas in all boardrooms, because legislation and regulations are being kept stricter. Fines can amount to as much as 8% of the worldwide turnover. At Expansion, continuity, reliability and integrity are of paramount importance. The NEN ISO 27001 certification contributes greatly to this by providing insight, clarity, clarity and assurance of information security processes.

Did you know that over 5500 data leaks have been reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) in the past year? And that was probably just the tip of the iceberg, according to that AP.

The NEN ISO 27001 is the standard that provides certainty that Expansion makes every effort to ensure that something irreversible happens with (privacy-sensitive) data. That makes Expansion as a NEN ISO 27001 certified party the reliable partner for our customers.

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