General Data Protection Regulation: everyone has to do with it

Every organization has personal documents, so everyone has to deal with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The fines on not living up to this privacy law are hefty, up to millions of euro’s.

But how can you comply with this new law? These documents are everywhere, with every organization. And that is exactly the problem: they are somewhere, but where? The answer lies in creating structure in the documents and transparency in management. With the well-thought-out DMS Xtendis, Expansion has a suitable solution for this.

The GDPR is already applied!

The GDPR/AVG makes demands on how to manage personal information. That can be everything, from an e-mail address to a national security number, a copy of a driver’s license or an employee contract.

This law is already in force. Just like the law 'Meldplicht Datalekken'. Let there be no doubt about that! A 'work-in period' was only included with regard to the GDPR / AVG until 25 May 2018. That makes it possible to prepare yourself as a company for the new regulations.

Protection owner data

With the arrival of the law, mainly the owner of personal information will get more protection, because: 

  • in certain cases the obligation explicitly applies that permission must be obtained from the owner to process data;
  • That permission is not (anymore) for eternity. The data owner must be able to simply withdraw his consent;
  • Now the right to removal has been explicitly recorded. In addition, the owner can demand from an organization, and all related parties who have received this information, that the (edited) data will be deleted. With this, the AVG goes beyond existing legislation. The right to data removal already existed there;
  • The clause on data portability in the GDPR stipulates that the owner can demand that his data has to be supplied to him in a certain format, so that it can be reused by the owner himself.

Good information management crucial in effective company management

These are just the most important new demands that are demanded on the field of processing and storing personal data. The law itself is bulky and complex. In any case, it is clear that every organization must become aware of the data stored and used within its organization. Knowing what you have, what happens with it and by who (good information management) is therefore crucial to an effective company management. Meeting laws and regulations is after all an obligation that no one can avoid. To be able to do that, one must have the rights instruments to organize, structurally saving, managing and linking information to be able to guarantee compliancy and transparency.

Xtendis meets those conditions of the law of privacy, because (among others):

  • Xtendis stores documents in one clear digital file/archive;
  • Xtendis offers insight by version management, access rights and logging, in what, when and by who changes are made to documents;
  • Xtendis gives the opportunity to easily clear document collections; 
  • In Xtendis documents are digital and ordered, which saves time, space, effort and therefore money; 
  • With Xtendis documents are always findable and controlled shareable; 
  • Xtendis enables you to easily transmit personal data in the desired format; 
  • Security of confidential documents is guaranteed in Xtendis; 
  • The overview, the transparaceny (even afterwards) and the security of Xtenids gives the client trust. 

At Expansion we have almost 30 years of experience in successfully creating effective document management solutions with our DMS Xtendis. With that we offer you the right answer to the question of how to comply with the new strict laws and regulations.

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