Information security must be!

All solutions of Expansion are based on the Documents Management System Xtendis. The core function of this versatile system is based on safely storing, searching and consulting digital documents.


Of course within our Document Management System everything is about information security. The core function of Xtendis is monitoring the digital durability of documents. Digital durability means that the integrity and authenticity of documents is guaranteed. It also makes demands to the future-proofness of the archiving solution.

Why information security is necessary

Information security is hot. The media is full of cases in which it went totally wrong. Why is information security ‘all of a sudden’ so important?

  • By renewed and stronger legislation it is simply obligated to shield sensitive data.
  • Who does not do that is punishable. 
  • From May 2018 this will be strictly enforced. 
  • You run great risks of loss or theft of data / information without information security.
  • It can cost a lot of money to repair that.
  • The damage to your status as a result may have even greater effects.
  • You have to be able to offer your customers guarantees on data integrity.
  • You have to know whether information is (still) current.
  • You have to be able to see if information is still authentic.

Information security starts with insight into information flows

It is therefore very important for your company to have grip on your company information. Safety starts by knowing what data is where and who can do what. Not only of the sensitive personal information, but of all relevant company information.

A well-designed and well thought-out DMS, such as Xtendis, is then indispensable. DMS Xtendis offers insight into your information flows: this means that every information security stands or falls.

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Xtendis secures your information

With DMS Xtendis is clear into detail:

  • Where what information is located. 
  • What version of the information it concerns. 
  • Who has access to it (with passwords etc.). 
  • Who can do what with the information (authorizations). 
  • When something has happened to the information and by who (logging of actions). 
  • In what context certain information is stored (files). 
  • How long information may be stored (storing terms). 
  • When specific information has to be removed (destruction terms). 
  • What procedures are being followed around managing information (ISO 27001).

Information security is a standard functionality in Xtendis

All this functionality, which makes an important contribution to the security of your information, is standard in Xtendis. This can be custom-made (semi-) automated for you. That prevents human error and you cannot forget anything!

Expansion has almost 30 years of experience with information security.

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