Customers of Expansion have a 100% certainty on continuity

What happens if, in the most extreme case, Expansion comes across a financial calamity? Nothing. That means: for you as a customer (of among others cloud services) nothing changes.

If you choose Expansion as your cloud service provider, you can additionally choose for CloudSecure: you are then guaranteed that your information is safe and that the service provision continues unchanged.

Expansion has concluded a so-called CloudSecure agreement with a third party, Softcrow. In concrete terms, this means that (the access to) your information - including all services around it - is always guaranteed by an independent party. This party accepts the contracts including all obligations and the software licenses up to and including the source code of our software, and continues the service provision.

Expansion does not do this because we are obliged to do so, but because we believe that this is our responsibility to our customers. You can never be the victim in any case.

Expansion and Escrow: CloudSecure solutions

Most questions that companies keep asking about cloud services are about the safety of their information and the continuity of the service provider. Rightly so, because those are the main stumbling blocks. The answers that we can give them, mainly determine whether or not you want to work with Expansion as a cloud service provider.

Cloud solutions are everywhere around us and so are cloud service providers. However, one service provider is not the other. Expansion has distinguished itself for many years from its competitors in well thought-out solutions around digital document management.

That equally applies to our cloud services. When it comes to safety, reliability and confidentiality (also read NEN ISO 27001 and processor Agreement), Expansion offers you maximum certainty.

When it comes to continuity: Expansion has been successfully offering solutions for almost 30 years. That is proof of continuity and stability. Continuity is also important to you. In fact, you want to be sure that your documents are guaranteed to be safe and accessible and that our subsequent service can always go ahead. Even if Expansion would not be there anymore.

That is the reason that Expansion offers you this unique concept in cooperation with partner Softcrow: the CloudSecure agreement. With this you as our customer have 100% guarantee of continuity. You will always be able to access the documents, you can always use our document management software and the agreed services for your documents are guaranteed. 

Why a CloudSecure-agreement?

In the current uncertain world where even the largest multinationals can collapse, we sometimes have to consider the worst. That is why Expansion wants to secure the interests of our customers under all circumstances as a logical consequence. That is what the CloudSecure-agreement does.

All processes, procedures and services are described and recorded legally, technically and operationally within the CloudSecure agreement. All responsibilities, (delegated) activities and the realization thereof between the contract partners are fixed. This concept is unique for the market of digital document management and the additional service provision. With that Expansion is far ahead of its competitors.

Expansion is committed to arranging this part of the service for its customers. We have been working on it for a long time, because of its complexity. But we can now guarantee that you as a customer will never be the victim of our bad luck. And who else in this market gives you this guarantee…?

Would you like to know more about our document management solutions and the Escrow-agreement? 

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