"Information security is central in our Document Management System Xtendis and our services"

What does our DMS offer to your organization?

Privacy by design
GDPR compliant
Data integrity
View on information flows
Guaranteed authenticity
Grip on all company information
Automatic destruction
Digital durability


What else does Expansion offer?

Our Xtendis Online platform meets the current laws and regulations and your organization can make use of this.

We act as an organization that strives for continuity and handling customer information confidentially and integer at all times.

This is realized by setting up an organizational management system, in which all critical moments on the field of information security are guaranteed.

The use is verified and confirmed by independent groups and therefore offers your organization optimal certainty.


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Our Document Management System

Of course within our Document Management System everything is about information security. The core function of Xtendis is monitoring the digital durability of documents. Read more


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Every organization has personal documents, so everyone has to deal with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The base of GDPR, privacy by design, perfectly fits to the information security characteristics of our Document Management System. Read more 


NEN-ISO 27001

Expansion is NEN-ISO 27001 certified. This is an international standard for information security and how you handle that as an organization. On the basis of this certification we can guarantee our clients that their information is in safe hands with us. Read more 

NEN-ISO 27001

ISAE 3402-Type II

With obtaining the ISAE 3402-Type II statement Expansion wants to take it one step further. This statement shows that Expansion is in control of the measures that we take in the context of information security. Read more 

ISAE 3402-Type II

Continuity guaranteed

If you choose Expansion as a service provider, you can additionally opt for CloudSecure: you are then guaranteed of the safety of your information and that the service providing will continue unchanged. Read more


Processing agreement

By using Xtendis Online, Expansion is the processor in the sense of the Applicable Data Protection Legislation. The responsibilities of Expansion an its clients are recorded in a processing agreement. Read more

Processing agreement

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