Give the document management system with workflow a brain!

Workflow is an frequently used term. But what does ‘workflow’ mean in the context of a document management system (DMS)? And what is the added value of that?

What is workflow?

In every document management system not only documents are saved, but also document-characteristics. Among those characteristics are for example customer-, contract-, order- or address data, invoice numbers, running times, status etcetera. They are logically used in the base to retrieve documents.

However, the same characteristics can also be used for an automatic control or approval process. For example, a control on running time, integrity or status. Let the document management system think for you, check and alert you to valuable activities. Let the document management system with workflow independently record and monitor the steps in your business process, instead of walking around with documents and files to various colleagues.

Process monitoring & compliance? Two birds with one stone with the workflow software

It is a lot of work recording who saw and checked which document or file and give his or her agreement. While this is precisely information that you and the external inspection body (the Tax and Customs Administration or the quality management agency) want insight into, sometimes demands.

In the current practice decisions around documents and files are not recorded consistently, it is purely oral or is recorded in an e-mail dialog, outside the file. With workflow, no energy is wasted on recording decisions around the document or files. Besides that, the workflow protects the progress in the process.

All information is being saved at the corresponding document. Not in your e-mail inbox, loose Post-its or note books. You can now, if a document or file is found in the document management system, also see the process history. That is not only useful for the inspection authority and the tax authorities, but also for co-workers who are not employed by you. Because of the use of workflow in a DMS you hit two birds with one stone.

Top 5 business processes where workflow management is of use!

Let the ‘workflow module’ notice you on ending running times, giving alarm bells at certain stages in the file, checking completeness, destroying information and more. There are five business processes where the use of a workflow offers large benefits:

  • Contract management
  • Quality management
  • Customer files
  • Approval of outgoing and incoming correspondence / communication:
    - Purchase invoices
    - Sales invoices
    - Sales orders / purchase orders
  • Share web portals, files & documents externally.

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