The necessity of a Document Management System

The pace in which we create and collect information is huge and ensures substantial data flows. If this data flow is not managed in a correct way, duplications or wrongly stored documents easily originate within your organization. A Document Management System (DMS) is necessary to keep a large flow of data findable and assures you of time- and cost savings.  

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What is a DMS?

A DMS ensures an efficient document management within your organization. Every document is safely digitally stored in one place within your organization. Crucial information is then directly retrievable from every working place, both intern and extern and with multiple devices such as laptop, phone or desktop, on the basis of one or multiple characteristics.

 A DMS brings structure to the large flow of information of which your organization has to deal with on the daily. It prevents that, spread by department, important documents in applications or in so-called ‘mini archives’ such as a folder structure, are saved.

The impact of a Document Management System

The introduction of a Document Management System often goes hand in hand with process improvements and usually results in a different way of working. The end result of these process improvements is therefore not a boring archive with documents, but a better quality end result of a service or product where cost saving is in many cases an automatic consequence. A better quality end result means satisfied users and a natural movement of these users to use the DMS even more broadly.

DMS Xtendis for all Document Management issues

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