Safely archive all your documents in Document Management System Xtendis.

Safety is of course more than an important boundary condition for digital archiving and document management. The document management system Xtendis offers divergent functions for adjusting the security of documents.

  • Access security 
    The first step for securing documents is shielding the access to the system. To log-in into Xtendis you need, of course, to enter a password. The requirements which the password has to met are adjustable. For example you can choose that a password has to possess small- and capital characters, special characters, numbers and at least a certain amount of characters. The minimal requirements are so strict that a password like “123” or “abc” can never be chosen. And last but not least you can choose to integrate Xtendis with identity management systems, like Active Directory, Google and iWelcome. This offers an optimal combination between safety and ease of use.

  • Passwords conform OWASP-specifications 
    Users can set a new password by using the “forgot password” option. This option is developed conform the OWASP-specification and meets therefore all requirements that can be asked on the field of security.

  • Functional security 
    Securing documents well means that they are also protected against mistakes or consciously acting wrong of employees. Xtendis has extensive possibilities to set per user or user groups what functions they can or can not use. A lot of people use Xtendis just to consult documents. In Xtendis the rights of these users can be limited to just consulting documents. Of course the rights of a user can vary per archive.

  • Removing documents 
    Storing documents safely also means that the removing of documents needs to meet strict requirements. In Xtendis removing documents consists of two steps. When a documents gets removed, it first appears in the Xtendis recycle bin. The documents can then still be retrieved if necessary. It is only in the second step that the document gets officially removed. By dividing the rights of these functions on two users, one person can never really remove a document.

  • Zone security 
    Using the Xtendis zone security, you can set what rights a certain user or user group has for this specific document. By linking the zones to document indexes, this document security can easily be applied, without causing extra work.

  • Technical security 
    Without a good technical security, all other measures do not help a lot. Xtendis is subjected to a penetration test several times a year. For Xtendis-Online, Expansion uses the most secure data centers, including fallback and of course back-ups. Because of this documents are guaranteed to be safe and always directly available.

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