Routing Software

Routing software enables organizations to digitally distribute documents.

Traditionally these processes are based on paper forms. As documents are transforming more and more into a digital file format, it is logical to digitize their distribution as well. For this purpose routing software is used.

Expansion offers routing software as in integrated part of its document management (DMS) platform Xtendis.

Xtendis uses an intelligent distribution principle that is based on document meta data. This way documents are distributed without actually moving files. Therefore not having negative impact on the infrastructure performance.

When registered in Xtendis, documents receive metadata required to retrieve them later. In most cases, some of these metadata can be used to deduct distribution rules. For example, the addressee within an organization is normally the person who is first to process an incoming document. But it is also possible to deduct a processing department or -employee from the classification or subject that is assigned to a document.

In Xtendis virtual inboxes are created that show documents to be processed by an employee and/or department. These inboxes are in fact dynamic searches into the digital archives, based on the distribution rules.

Users can easily process documents using action buttons. Action buttons provide managed changes in the document metadata using business rules. For example, a document is forwarded to a colleague to check its contents, or is approved and is now to be authorized by a supervisor.

Because of these metadata changes, documents disappear out of the virtual inbox of the user executing the action and appear automatically in the inbox of the user next in line in the process. All this is happening without a single movement of the documentsfile(s).

Advantages of Xtendis Routing Software

Using Xtendis Routing Software has the following advantages:

  • Saving time by automatic distribution based on document metadata
  • No impact on the infrastructure, because of virtual distribution. No file transports impacting the e-mailsystem and network.
  • Ultimate flexibility, documents can be routed by either strict rules or by adhoc decisions made by users.

These are some of our clients, using Xtendis Routing Software :

  • Turien & Co
  • SPF Beheer
  • De Baak

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