What is robotization?

By robotisation or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) we mean the automation of tasks, which are often still performed manually by people. Through robotisation, repetitive operations can be carried out faster, cheaper and error-free. Moreover, the qualities of employees can be better utilized and deployed.

Our document management system Xtendis can be employed for multiple robotization applications.

RPA Robotics with DMS Xtendis in practice

Robotic Proces Automation (RPA) guards the progress of a process. You no longer have to think about next steps or when a certain action has to be taken. This happens fully automatically and you receive a warning in time if manual handling is needed. In this way RPA can be used for among others:

  • monitoring processes (order files);
  • parts of documents and files (web portals);
  • approve the incoming and outgoing documents (mail, invoices);
  • entering data into systems (purchase and sales invoices, sales orders);
  • exchanging data between systems (financial data, order data);
  • automatic signaling of status updates (contracts).

The benefits of RPA with Xtendis

  • Employees are off repetitive tasks and have more fun in their work.
  • Huge cost savings.
  • Faster processing of information.
  • 100% error free.
  • Higher service levels.

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