DMS integrated in your office environment

E-mails and attachments can directly be saved from your e-mail application thanks to the close integration that Xtendis has with Microsoft Outlook.

  • Xtendis is even able to see if an e-mail has been archived by you or a colleague and makes clever suggestions for archiving a new e-mail.
  • You can then keep your e-mail inbox 'empty' and find all e-mail plus attachments with many more search options than you have in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Besides this you can easily transmit attachments that are in Xtendis into a new e-mail.

Our customers mainly use this module to store correspondence in Xtendis with current project, personnel files or customer files. The correspondence is visible in this way for the right people who are involved in the file and who have given you access to this information. At the same time you immediately guarantee the digital authenticity and legal validity of e-mail, something that is not possible in Microsoft Outlook. You decide which users can use this module within your organization.

Directly saving from Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio and Powerpoint with the Microsoft Office Plugin

Just like e-mail work can be done directly from Office with Xtendis. Prevent that users save their files in Windows-folder structures and use these integrated Xtendis Plugin. For example to directly save quotations, letters, project documentation and advise reports in your Xtendis project file, personnel file or customer file.

  • You can then keep your Windows-folder structure empty and find all Microsoft Office files in Xtendis with much more search possibilities then you have in just Windows.  
  • Through this plugin the world to managing your standard templates and documentations in Xtendis opens up.

Version management with the Chick-in Check-out module

Adjusting, editing or expanding a digital document is easier with this module. Xtendis guides the user in managing the versions. Thus he/she does not have to worry about the version numbering or transcribing originals. When consulting you have the opportunity to only show active versions, behind which is the possibility to see the old versions. A great application for for example quality management and process description of which employees always have to see the newest version. When choosing a new document a copy of the original is opened, and this can be edited and saved as a ‘new document’ with other index data. Our customers use that for example with declaration forms, assessment forms, quotations and approval statements. This module is complementary to the office plugin and also suitable for PDF documents or other file formats.

Directly digital ‘printing’ to Xtendis with the Print2Xtendis module

Prevent that PDF-prints disappear in all sorts of Windows-file structures and directly ‘print’ to Xtendis with this plugin. By setting this ‘driver’ as standard, you also avoid the unnecessary printing of documents. It is also possible, by indicating documents characteristics (indexing), to give them search keys and determining the security. The license for Print2Xtendis exists of a server- and client-part. The client licenses are  settled per simultaneous user.

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