Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The document management platform Xtendis uses OCR to automate the input and processing of data (Data Entry). Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the name of the technique that recognizes words and numbers from images of documents.

OCR applications

Xtendis offers various possibilities regarding recognition of data:

  • Automatic assignment of search keys for documents. 
  • Making documents full-text searchable. 
  • Automating the registration and booking of invoices.
  • The automatic transmission of information on documents to other systems.

Examples of OCR applications

In concrete terms, Xtendis offers the following OCR solutions:

  • Automatic processing of application forms.
  • Automatic post classification. 
  • Text bank functions where documents and files can be searched and searched through based on their complete content. 
  • Automatic registration of logistic documents, such as CMR documents and packing notes.

Xtendis as document management solution has an integrated OCR function and can apply it to documents that are offered from different sources. When using Xtendis, no special OCR PDF or OCR scanner is required.

The benefits of Xtendis OCR are:

  • Saving time when digitally capturing documents. 
  • Fully automating data inout in systems (data entry processes). 
  • Extensive retrieval options for documents.


Various organizations in different market segments benefit from Xtendis OCR. Some examples are:

  • Atal Medial
  • Baak
  • Turien

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