Import all documents and save them digital in Xtendis.

All documents can be imported in the digital archive system Xtendis. Importing happens with theso called source drivers. There are source drivers for among others the following sources: E-mail attachments, High Resolution pictures, MS-office applications, PDF, ASCII, HTML, PCL, PDF, Postscript and all XML variations. 

Also controlling scanners and multifunctional copying machines is done with a source driver. The source drivers are separate from Xtendis and can be added without modification of Xtendis. The happens almost continuously by both Xtendis and others. Because of this documents from every source can be archived in Xtendis.

The input modules of Xtendis are used to support the following processes:

  • Saving documents in multiple formats: Xtendis converts documents during importing to an unchangeable format. Therefore the documents can still be consulted after dozens of years and is the authenticity guaranteed. 
    Xtendis offers the possibility to, besides the unchangeable version of the document, save the original file, so that this file can be re-used with the original application. 

  • Enterprise Report Management (ERM): by exploiting Xtendis with the source driver Enterprise Report Management computer output like invoices, annual statements or policies, can be saved fully automatic in Xtendis. Within Xtendis these documents can be stored together with other documents from other sources in one digital archive or file. 

  • Automatic indexing: Xtendis has intelligent software for recognizing and classifying documents. To this end Xtendis combines OCR and barcode recognition with intelligent classification algorithms. Documents can therefore largely automatic be provided with characteristics. The number of manual actions required for archiving documents is therefore minimized. 

  • Print2Xtendis Plus: Print2Xtendis Plus gives users the opportunity to enter documents that are already digitally available on the working place, (like e-mails and Word-documents) directly from the application in which they are made, added and shown, into Xtendis. Users that want to transmit those documents to the digital archive system Xtendis, can select the Xtendis-‘printer’ from every application in their printing menu. Directly after giving this order, a screen appears in which the characteristics for the concerned document can be implemented. 

  • DataEntry: Xtendis has standard links for various fully-fledged forms recognition systems. These systems are deployed for scanning and documents like application forms and invoices. After documents are processed, they are automatically archived in Xtendis and if desired the recognized information is also passed to the primary application within the organization.

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