Source drivers

Documents are imported in Xtendis using so-called source drivers. There are source drivers for many file formats including ASCII, MS Office, Postscript and PCL. Scanners and multifunctional copiers are also controlled via a source driver. The source drivers are separate from Xtendis and can be added to Xtendis without modification. Expansion and other parties do this virtually all the time and it means that documents from any source can be archived with Xtendis.

Automatic indexation

Xtendis has intelligent software to recognise and classify documents. For this Xtendis combines OCR and barcode recognition with intelligent classification algorithms. This means that most documents can be given index properties automatically and this minimises the number of manual operations required to archive documents.


Xtendis has standard interfaces for several complete form recognition systems. These systems are used to scan and recognise documents, such as application forms and invoices. Once documents have been processed, they are archived automatically in Xtendis.

Multiple format storage

During the import process, Xtendis converts documents to an uneditable standard format. This means that the documents can be consulted, even after several decades, and authenticity is guaranteed. Besides saving the uneditable version of the document, Xtendis also has an option to save the original file, so that it can be reused with the original application.

Enterprise Report Management (ERM)

Extending Xtendis with the Enterprise Report Management source driver means that computer output, such as invoices, annual statements or policies, can be stored in Xtendis fully automatically. These documents can be stored in Xtendis in one digital file and/or archive together with documents from other sources.

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