Training on-site

When the acceptance test has been carried out and meets the objective(s), Xtendis can be rolled out.

  • A support base is crucial. A support base among the employees is crucial to a successful implementation of Xtendis. If the users’ organisation is properly informed, any barriers to the ultimate rollout and acceptance of the project will be lowered.
  • Training is where it really begins. Expansion provides thorough on-site training that always concentrates on setting up Xtendis in the principal’s systems and that is always tailor-made. This reduces considerably the amount of time needed by the users to master the application. For the training to be successful it is essential for the employees to be released to follow the course of instruction. Also after training, employees must be given time to practice with the new system. Experience has shown that the period required from instruction to practice to production may be several days. Naturally all the employees must have taken the training course – which is tailor-made for their tasks – before the system goes into production.
  • Success is contagious. One plus one is three – this is certainly true of successful projects. If the project leader, principal and employees are enthusiastic about the project, problems are translated into solutions and threats into opportunities. Spreading this enthusiasm to the shop floor, the department or throughout the organisation as a whole gives a positive impulse to the successful completion of the remaining steps in the project.

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