Pratical proof

When the installation is complete and the system is operational the acceptance test can be performed. Acceptance tests take several forms, such as the user acceptance test, the production acceptance test and the functional acceptance test. Each of these tests are based on the same question: ‘Does the system do what it is supposed to do?’

  • How do we do this? An acceptance test must be defined on the basis of the objective(s). Needless to say, the test is carried out before the system goes into production. As the principal knows the substance of the operating process, defining and carrying out the acceptance test is the responsibility of the principal in consultation with Expansion. Findings from the acceptance test may lead to improvements and/or additions to the system, followed by a new acceptance test.
  • Trial of the system. The acceptance test – the trial of the system – is the most important moment of the project for the principal and all the stakeholders. This is the moment when the expectations, project objective(s) and promises come together and shows whether the project can be rounded off successfully. A project can only be regarded as successful when the objectives have been achieved. This is why it is so important for the principal to specify beforehand what the objectives of the project are.

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