Implementation of the perfect solution

Complementary to the functional design and prior to the installation a technical implementation plan is drawn up, documenting the technical demarcation. After the principal gives approval, this implementation plan will form the basis for installing and setting up Xtendis.

  • Installation: The technical installation of Xtendis is a standard procedure. To prepare for the actual installation all the technical aspects of the principal’s systems are surveyed, using a standard questionnaire, with the system manager(s) involved. The technical installation of Xtendis is carried out based on this information.
  • Set-up: After the technical aspects of the project have been carried out Xtendis can be set up. The implementation of a new application within an organisation always requires a lot of attention. A good implementation is a consequential process that results in all the stakeholders knowing the new solution, being able to work with it well and accepting the changed procedure.

A long journey begins with small steps. So it is advisable to begin with small steps that produce results quickly. Particular steps in the operating process are ideally suited to digital archiving. Using Xtendis first for these operating steps makes the benefits of further implementation clear straight away. These rapid gains are an encouraging introduction towards the ultimate objective.

In short, the recommendation is to start in easy stages and gradually to move on to steps that are plain for everyone.

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