Assessment & Consultancy

When a project begins a survey is made of the principal’s needs and the way in which Expansion can respond to them.

  • Survey: expectations, promises and possibilities. One of the ways of taking stock of the principal’s needs is by holding talks with the principal, interviewing some of those involved and researching onsite and/or inspecting the archive. In this phase a survey is also made of whether all the principal’s wishes are technically possible and whether there are any special wishes that need to be customised. This phase ends with a functional design.
  • Functional design: promises in black and white. A functional design is made on the basis of the survey. A functional design is a document that sets out all the functional requirements that the solution has to satisfy. In other words, the functional design lays down WHAT result is required.
  • Approval is the starting shot. When the principal approves the solution, Expansion will start the installation and implementation phase. The project leaders (at both Expansion and the customer) have already had the opportunity to study the project and are therefore well informed about the situation. The principal’s approval is the signal for the project leader at Expansion to begin the installation and implementation.

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