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Once the project is complete Expansion keeps a finger on the pulse by providing after-sales service and through the Expansion helpdesk & technical support.

  • Optimising a functioning system. The after-sales service begins as soon as Xtendis has gone into production within the principal’s organisation. After-sales service can be seen as optimising the system after it has gone into production. However, new wishes may arise as Xtendis is integrated further in the commercial operation. Even wishes that were outside the scope of the original project can be tackled in a new project. Responding to such new wishes is also part of the after-sales service. Either party can initiate this.
  • ‘Need help?’ No problem. For more than 20 years our customers have made use of our helpdesk and technical support, which can be reached from 09:00 to 17:00 or via our online helpdesk portal. The helpdesk will respond to all the problems and questions from the designated employees with knowledge of Xtendis, from users’ questions to specific technical support questions.

Every question that comes in is registered in our online helpdesk portal, where a record is kept of the progress, solution and communication about the case. This ensures the every question is registered, so there is an exact record of the situation in the event of a subsequent question from the same customer. This provides clarity, both for the customer and in the communication between the customer and Expansion.

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