Our method

The successful implementation of Xtendis is, like any project, a joint responsibility for the client and Expansion. At Expansion we have over 30 years of experience in the successful implementation of projects. That is why Expansion is specifically tailored to react pro-active and flexible when the client or situation calls for it.


Project Management

Expansion prepares for its projects through a clear division of roles and setting realistic goals.

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Assessment & Consultancy

When a project begins a survey is made of the principal’s needs and the way in which Expansion can respond to them.

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Implementation of the perfect solution

Complementary to the functional design and prior to the installation a technical implementation plan is drawn up, documenting the technical demarcation. After the principal gives approval, this implementation plan will form the basis for installing and setting up Xtendis.

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Pratical proof

When the installation is complete and the system is operational the acceptance test can be performed. Acceptance tests take several forms, such as the user acceptance test, the production acceptance test and the functional acceptance test. Each of these tests are based on the same question: ‘Does the system do what it is supposed to do?

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DMS Xtendis

Assistance available straight away

Once the project is complete Expansion keeps a finger on the pulse by providing after-sales service and through the Expansion helpdesk & technical support.

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