Identity and Access Management with DMS Xtendis (IAM)

Document Management System Xtendis supports the need of the average knowledge worker to always and everywhere have access to the correct information. With Identity and Access Management is determined that the right employees get access to the rights information on the right moment and for the correct reasons.

User management conform the highest safety standards

The user management in DMS Xtendis meets the highest safety standards. For example, the strength of the password of the user can be enforced. The system has a forgot-password procedure by which users can safely choose a new password. The user data are encrypted in Xtendis.

2 Factor Authentication (TFA)

The log in procedure can further be expanded with Two-Factor Authentication (TFA). The requirement for multiple authentication can be set per user. During the first visit to Xtendis, the user gets to see a QR-code in the Xtendis-Web-Interface. The user has to scan the QR-code one-off with an authenticator app (for example Google Authenticator).

This app periodically generates a code that the user has to give when the session has expired.

The app remembers the link with Xtendis, so scanning the QR-code is only necessary when you use Xtendis for the first time.

Authorizations IAM

Within Xtendis rights can be assigned to users and systems in an advanced way. Rights can be found at the following levels:

  • Systems
  • Archives
  • Functions
  • Zones

Zones are part of archives that can be defined by customers. By placing a document in a zone, which user groups have which rights is automatically determined. It can also be determined which systems can retrieve documents from Xtendis. In practice this functionality is often applied to determine which documents can and which can not be shown on portals. 

Links with Identity Management (IdM) 

The rights management in Xtendis can be linked to generic Identity Management (IdM) solutions that are being used within organizations. This can be both On-Premise (Active Directory (AD)) and Cloud (Office 365, Google, iWelcome, ADFS) solutions.

Users are automatically created in Xtendis from the IdM environment and mutations are automatically processed. In this way, it can be centrally managed which employees have access to Xtendis. When an employee goes out of service, then this only has to be updated within IdM, after which Xtendis will automatically no longer be accessible for the concerned employee.

Audit trail & Reporting

In the Xtendis Cockpit, at every moment an actual overview can be requested of the rights that the users, user groups and other systems in Xtendis have.

With the help of Xtendis Audit Trail, all handlings within the system can be registered. In this way, the source of every data mutation within the system can be found. On the registrations, reports can be run, where handlings on the base of various entities can be presented. Besides that, at every document an overview of registered handlings can be retrieved: what user has done which handling at what moment?

  • IAM/IdM in Xtendis
  • Full IAM/IdM in Xtendis
  • Also linkable with generic IAM/IdM solutions
  • Authorizations on different levels 
  • Extensive report possibilities on rights granted and performed actions

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