E-mail archiving with Xtendis

Billions of e-mail messages are send and received on the daily. Saving these messages in the e-mail has as a result that they are only accessible to a limited extent. Besides that it leads to an enormous amount of double work (multiple receivers save messages in their own structure).

The document management system Xtendis offers multiple opportunities for archiving e-mail messages among which:

  1. E-mail archiving from Outlook. With the Xtendis Outlook Connector, e-mail messages can directly be archived in Xtendis. 
  2. E-mail import. With the Xtendis e-mail import, folders with e-mail messages can automatically be imported into Xtendis.

E-mail archiving Outlook

With the Outlook Connector, e-mail messages from Outlook can directly be archived in Xtendis. The Outlook Connector saves large amounts of time:

  • If an e-mail message is sent to several people and one of these people archives the message in Xtendis, the other recipients see that it is already archived. They can therefore omit this.
  • The characteristics of the e-mail message such as the subject and the sending date can be used by Xtendis when archiving the message.
  • When archiving the e-mail message, Xtendis automatically shows the last message of the same sender. Therefore an e-mail can be archived very quickly and with minimal effort.

Xtendis can also save the original message, including any attachments, in addition to the archive copy in PDF or TIFF format.

Importing e-mail

The Xtendis e-mail import can automatically import e-mail folders into Xtendis. Within Xtendis, follow-up processes can of course be arranged, which in turn can depend on the addressee and the sender. For example, e-mail messages that are addressed to invoices@mycompany.nl can be processed differently within Xtendis than the e-mails that arrive at the address damage@mycompany.nl

The benefits of e-mail archiving

Archiving an e-mail in Xtendis has some large benefits relative to for example storing these messages in an own folder structure in your e-mail system. This makes e-mails archived in Xtendis:

  • Accessible for all employees that have access to Xtendis. 
  • Archived with all other documents in Xtendis. This makes it possible to consult all documents of for example a customer or project. 
  • Also available in the long term because Xtendis converts them to a standard archive format (PDF or TIFF).
  • Can be consulted by all systems linked to Xtendis, for example the ERP and / or CRM system.
  • Can be consulted on all devices on which Xtendis can be used, without the need for an e-mail application or specific app.
  • Compiled files: e-mail messages with attachments can be archived as one document in Xtendis.

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