Registration of all handlings within DMS Xtendis

One of the pillars of information security within our document management system Xtendis is formed by Audit Trail.

With Xtendis audit Trail, all handlings within our DMS system can be registered. In this way the source of every data mutation can be found.

The Audit Trail registers (logs) handlings (such as making, changing and deleting) than can be executed on entities (for example archives, files, documents and pages).

Organizations can determine in the Xtendis Management (Cockpit) which handlings should be logged in which entities.

It is possible to choose different audit settings per archive, at which for applications with a high security risk, for example personnel files, more is being logged than for other applications.

Audit Trail from both documents and reports

The Audit Trail can be approached in two ways within Xtendis:

  • From documents. 
    With every document, an overview of audits is available for authorized users: which user has performed which action at what time? 
    Within the audits you can filter on document (record management) and workflow audits. The audits remain available throughout the life of a document.
  • From reports. 
    Administrators can search audits within Xtendis on one or (a combination of) multiple characteristics, such as entity, user, notification, result and date (range). These searches can be recorded within the system, so that fixed overviews are generated. If required, the data can be exported as reports from Xtendis.

Several audit-reports possible 

Some examples reports of the Xtendis Audit Trail:

  • Executed handlings on a document during its lifetime. 
  • Executed handlings by a specific user(group) or system within Xtendis (during a certain period). 
  • Users that executed a specific mutation, for example deleting. 
  • Users that requested a specific document.

What are the benefits of Xtendis Audit Trail?

  • Efficient and reliable way to track down the source of mutations. 
  • Simple consultation function. 
  • Flexible report possibilities. 
  • Audit functionality shielded with rights. 
  • Audit level settable per application.

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