What makes our DMS Xtendis unique:

100% Dutch product

Guarantees every valuable document

Very easy to integrate

One system for multiple applications

Specialized in large-scale document solutions

Standard links with 100+ applications

Every document directly available, regardless of the volume


With DMS Xtendis we deliver unprecedented performances:

Biggest online Document management System of the Netherlands

More than 2,5 billion documents safely stored

NEN-EN-ISO 27001 certified

More than 4 million users

Successful for 29 years
No cure no pay!


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The vision is simple:

'Every document directly available, safe and from one central archive'.


Strongest characteristics of document management systeem Xtendis:

The power of Xtendis is the simplicity and unknown performance even at large numbers. This is strengthened by the following characteristics:


The safety of your information is a boundary condition for DMS Xtendis. The extensive security possibilities gives substance to this.  Read more


The modular construction of DMS Xtendis ensures that the system can be expanded step-by-step with more functionality and applications.  Read more


In our vision the added value of Xtendis is way bigger if it is an integral part of the total information provision.  Read more

Online or local

All documents safely shielded and you decide where the documents are saved and by who the management is executed.   Read more

User friendly

DMS Xtendis offers the best possible user experience by integrating needleless in the daily activities and a no-nonsense user interface.  Read more

For every document

All valuable documents can be saved in the document management system Xtendis, preferably fully automatic. Read more


For who is Xtendis intended?

With DMS Xtendis every organization with an extensive information flow can switch to efficient document management. We are aimed at giving your document intensive organization a quality boost.

We do that by on the one hand offering the Document Management System Xtendis with its endless possibilities. On the other hand we advise for over 29 years and we are experts in the field of document management implementations, where the collaborator gets the best possible user experience.

With over 2,5 billion archived documents there is information stored on every Dutchman in the Document management System Xtendis.  We take care of your blood research, pension file, packing slip or customer information and make sure that it is available and in safe hands.

Our customer base exists of for example Van Brederode Assurantiën with 15 employees and Adecco with 33.000 regular employees and 700.000 flex workers.

As soon as you experience that the document processing has to be safer and more efficient, then the Document Management System Xtendis is the solution.

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