Document Management System Xtendis

Do you spend a lot of time looking for documents? Now archive all your digital documents in one document management system, Xtendis! Find all your documents quickly and easily, who doesn’t want to? With Xtendis this is possible and you can focus on more important activities.

‘Every document directly available’. How do we accomplish that? In the animation below we briefly show the possibilities:

What makes our Document Management System Xtendis unique?

✔ 100 Dutch product
✔ One Document Management System for Multiple Applications
✔ Specialized in large-scale document solutions
✔ Standard interfaces with 100+ application
✔ every document is directly available, regardless of volume. This way you can always quickly find the right documents in our central system.

With DMS Xtendis, we deliver unprecedented performance:

✔ Largest Online Document Management System in the Netherlands
✔ 3 billion documents stored securely, according to laws and regulations
✔ NEN-EN-ISO 27001 certified
✔ More than 4 million users
✔ Successful for 30 years
✔ No cure no pay!

What are the benefits of Xtendis?

The power of Xtendis lies in its simplicity and unprecedented performance in large numbers. There are many advantages of a Document Management System like Xtendis, which make our system more convenient than other systems. We’d like to give you a little more explanation of the following features:


The safety of your information is a precondition for DMS Xtendis. We therefore comply with the laws and regulations.


The modular structure of Document Management System Xtendis ensures that the system can be gradually expanded with more functionality and applications.


In our view, the added value of Xtendis is many times greater when it is an integral part of the total information provision within organizations.

Online or local

All digitally stored documents are securely protected and you control where the documents are stored and managed.


DMS Xtendis delivers the best possible user experience by seamlessly integrating into day-to-day operations and a no-nonsense user interface.

For each document

All valuable documents can be stored in the Document Management System Xtendis, preferably fully automatic.

These are just some of the benefits of a Document Management System.

What is a Document Management System (DMS)?

Maybe you googled “What’s a DMS?”. Well, a Document Management System, also called a digital archiving system, is a(n) (online) platform where digital documents are stored in an orderly way. With this Document Management Software you can quickly find the right information and documents. Because the documents are stored digitally, you can create a digital archive in an orderly manner. A Document Management System deals with disorder! So you no longer have to look for a particular document in your mailbox, on a volume or in physical archives; all documents are stored in the central system of the DMS software. A Document Management System increases the accessibility of your documents. This is extremely useful for project management, so you have the right documents right at hand. Now opt for digital archiving with a DMS!

Who is Xtendis for?

With DMS Xtendis, any organization with a comprehensive flow of information can move to efficient document management. We aim to give your document intensive organization a quality boost.

We do this on the one hand by providing the Document Management System Xtendis with its limitless possibilities. On the other hand, we have been advising for more than 30 years and are experts in document management implementations, where the employee gets the best possible user experience.

With around 3 billion archived documents, information from every Dutchman is archived in document management system Xtendis. We make sure that your blood test, pension file, receipt or customer information is available and remains in safe hands. Our customer base consists of, for example, Van Brederode Insurance with 15 employees and Adecco with 33,000 own employees and 700,000 flex employees.

Once you experience that document processing needs to be safer and more efficient, document management system Xtendis is the solution. Need advice and help? Fill out the form below, we’ll be happy to help you!

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