In the cloud or on-premise, you decide where the documents are stored

Expansion offers document management as both a service and a product. Or in other words; you can take our DMS platform Xtendis in all kinds of variations.

From the purchase of Xtendis, where you install the software on your own servers (on-premise), to a full Online Document Management System where you can use Xtendis online for a monthly fee.

We can also offer every hybrid form where we for example arrange the hosting and installation of the server(s) necessary, but you stay responsible yourself for the application management.

Your documents are then safely stored on the central managed and well secured server(s) within the Dutch data center of Expansion that meets very strict physical and digital requirements.

DMS Xtendis online accommodated in very trustable data center

Expansion uses the data center Previder for its cloud environment that meets very strict requirements. This is shown by the following data;

  • The data center has the classification TIER3 which is the highest possible level in the Netherlands. This means that for all present infrastructure a safety is guaranteed of at least 99,982%. Besides that the data center features ISO27001 and ISO9001 (quality management) certificates. 
  • The data center has a low PUE value which means that a relatively small amount of energy is used. The data center uses renewable energy and has a so called renewable-certificate. Besides that there is an ISO14001 certificate which means that there is a controlled policy on the field of milieu management. 
  • Of course the data center has a redundant energy provision and Internet connection. 
  • The data center is 7 x 24 hours secured and contains all sorts of provisions against physical calamities, like ram crunching and fire.

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