Immediate insight into invoice and transport documents

Transport generates many documents like CMR’s, orders, invoices and airway bills. By archiving all these documents with Xtendis questions from customers, tax authorities or other parties can be answered within seconds.

A multitude of documents are used in the transport sector, and often these are part of the delivery, constituting the basis for billing for the haulier. For example, to be able to properly answer queries concerning an invoice, you need the associated transport documents.

By archiving both the transport documents and the invoices with Xtendis, a company has immediate insight into the invoice and the associated documents. This enables them to answer customer queries quickly and adequately, resulting in a higher service level and a direct cost saving.

Among others the following organizations in the transport sector successfully use Xtendis:

  • Basamro Transport & Shipping B.V.
  • H&S Foodtrans
  • Ritmeester Interfreight B.V.
  • Spliethoff
  • Transport & Offshore Services B.V.
  • Wemmers TankTransport

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