Digital archive system widely usable

In both Trade and Industry documents play an important role. Several of these companies use Xtendis to digitally archive and reproduce certificates, invoices, packing lists and other trade and production documents.

Several manufacturing companies use Xtendis to digitally archive and reproduce certificates and production manuals. Xtendis allows the user to retrieve, consult and, if necessary, reproduce any document in seconds. Reproduction occurs both on paper and digitally. For instance, copies of certificates are printed and delivered with the corresponding goods, and complete production manuals are delivered on paper and CD.

Time saving thanks to digital distribution documents

Some of these companies also use Xtendis to distribute digital copies of documents that were printed and distributed on paper in the past. So the savings made on reproduction and shipping costs means that the investment in Xtendis can be earned back quickly.

Another advantage of Xtendis is that backups of all documents are easily made, safeguarding important documents against calamities such as fire and water damage.

Examples of customers in the Trade Industry who successfully use Xtendis: 

  • Dekker Zevenhuizen
  • Dolmans Groep
  • Heineken
  • Hertz
  • MCB Groep
  • Tulp Keukens
  • Verum

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