Notaries choose the digital archiving system Xtendis

Almost all processes within a notary office are initiated and supported by documents. With the digital archiving system Xtendis, these processes can be greatly improved and accelerated and a lot of time and space can be saved.

Many notary offices trust their case files and other documents to Xtendis. Xtendis can be linked to the Notarial Information System. Business- and client files can therefore be called up and consulted directly from the NIS. All documents are stored safely and unchangeably and are only accessible to authorized users.

Automatic mail processing at notaries

Notaries can use Xtendis to scan files afterwards but also to scan incoming mail in advance. Xtendis is then used for automatic mail processing and for each document the status can be kept. This way of working enables notaries to centralize certain back office processes and can lead to considerable cost savings.

Expansion works together with Netwyse that offers Xtendis from the bunker in a hosted form.

Among other the following notary offices successfully use Xtendis:

  • AchtenvanGent notarissen
  • Amson & Kolhoff Notarissen
  • BolscherBrugDeijl Notarissen
  • Brakel Journée & Wouters Netwerk Notarissen
  • Cornelissens Jongelen Netwerk Notarissen
  • de Vos & de Rooij Netwerknotarissen
  • Dijkstra-Sutter Netwerk Notarissen
  • Drost en Juten Netwerk Notarissen
  • Hilgen Netwerk Notarissen
  • Houwing van Beek Notarissen
  • Krans Notarissen
  • Tap & van Hoff Notarissen
  • Van Der Valk Netwerk Notarissen
  • Westvest Netwerk Notarissen

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