Processing forms more efficient with Xtendis

Expansion offers with the platform Xtendis an excellent solution for the automatic processing of forms. In addition to cost savings, working with Xtendis also has the additional advantage that the forms are automatically archived digitally. Thanks to this, they are always and everywhere directly available.

Links with among others Chipsoft, GLIMS, Labosys, SAP and TDLIMS

The version of Xtendis that is specially tuned for the use of laboratories can, thanks in part to the support of HL7, easily be linked to laboratory systems sych as GLIMS, Labosys and TDLims. Besides that, Xtendis can be linked to the ZIS. Therefore the patient data from the ZIS can be used to do a request in the laboratory system. Besides that the archived request forms can directly from the ZIS be consulted. In practice Xtendis is linked to among others Chipsoft, SAP and diverse customization applications for this.

With Xtendis also automatic workflow forms

Of course it is possible to besides request forms also archive other documents in Xtendis. Besides the fact that the documents are automatically processed and archived with Xtendis, they can also be routed on the basis of recognized data. These automatic workflow is among others being used to route forms with specific requests for approval to the clinical chemist.
Expansion offers with this application a very good value for money that stands out favorably compared to those of competitors.

Among others the following laboratories successfully use Xtendis:

  • Atalmedial
  • Isala Klinieken Zwolle
  • LabWest
  • SALT
  • Stichting RLM
  • Streeklaboratorium Volksgezondheid Kennemerland
  • TweeSteden Ziekenhuis Tilburg

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