The modern bank deserves a better Document Management System (DMS)

Banks have been the precursors on the field of document management. Now, more than 3 decennia later, the landscape for banks looks totally different:

  • customers make higher demands;
  • there has to be battled for the market share;
  • with the arrival of Fintech the competitiveness looks totally different;
  • there are more and more laws and rules to deal with (Compliancy). 

DMS-systems within banks are generally heavily outdated 

DMS-systems within banks are generally heavily outdated. Because of this banks have a backlog on mostly Fintech-companies who recently arranged their household from the ground on and are much better able to respond to commercial and social developments.

Why DMS Xtendis offers banks the solution

Expansion is with its Document Management System active for over 30 years on the field of document management.
In the meantime there are more than 4 million Xtendis-users. Xtendis offers banks the solution:

  • 360 degrees customer view;
  • process optimization;
  • efficient compliance completeness reporting, removal processes, automated rights overviews and proactive signaling; 
  • optimal security with central management authorizations and secure information exchange. 

References in banking sector

Expansion has implemented Document Management System Xtendis successfully at multiple financial service providers. Banks also take profit of the benefits of DMS Xtendis, among which;

  • ASN Bank
  • Amsterdam Trade Bank
  • Binckbank
  • BNP Paribas
  • Insinger de Beaufort
  • Nationale Nederlanden Bank

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