Expansion’s vision (of the future) is that 'every document is at your fingertips'. Direct accessibility of documents leads to improvement in quality and savings in costs.

Expansion's vision is that in time, every document will be available directly. This means that you have immediate access to all documents that are relevant to you, regardless of the time and your location. We realise that this is a long-term perspective, but every step we take contributes to realising our vision.

Digital archiving

Digital archiving is an important step in that direction. When documents are properly digitally archived it is simple to make them available anytime, anywhere.

Besides offering benefits such as cost savings and quality improvements, digital archiving is virtually inevitable. More and more documents are produced and distributed digitally, and therefore also digitally archived.

Our vision is supported by our products and services. We aim to make an increasing number of documents available directly.


Expansion combines design, realisation and implementation in one single organisation. At any one time, only one party is responsible for the success of the project. This means that the final system fits in seamlessly with the design as it was defined in consultation with the users.

Expansion does not shirk its responsibilities. As a problem owner, we offer our clients solutions based on fixed price and no cure no pay.

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