Since mid-2021, Expansion has been part of WoodWing.

WoodWing is active worldwide as a provider of Content Orchestration solutions. Both WoodWing and Expansion are at the heart of organizations’ content processes and make content and information accessible to people inside and outside the organization in an efficient and secure way.

About WoodWing

WoodWing helps brands, publishers and agencies create, manage and publish content across teams and across channels. The solutions are suitable for large teams to efficiently collaborate on creative processes, within easy-to-manage systems. Customers include Hearst, Forbes, Axel Springer, Coca Cola European Partners and Yamaha.

What is Content Orchestration?

Email ping-pong, lost digital resources, unstructured workflows, inefficient processes: or content spaghetti. Recognizable for many organizations. Content Orchestration is the seamless collaboration of people and tools to plan, create, manage, and distribute content. It’s about optimizing processes for efficient content production. Content Orchestration is not a solution but a method to untangle the content spaghetti and to manage and distribute content faster, clearer and more efficiently.


In addition to Expansion, Scienta is also part of WoodWing. Scienta provides a powerful standard Cloud service for quality management, social intranet and forms. WoodWing, Scienta and Expansion jointly offer a complete portfolio of solutions in the field of content orchestration.

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