All information in one place

And always accessible regardless of time and place


All business critical information

Unlimited possibilities for application output, office files, e-mail, forms, etc.


All documents securely protected and accessible to everyone that is authorized to see it.

Linked to business applications

Enterprise Information management is tightly linked to primary business applications.

Never lose any more documents

By cleverly pooling all the information powerfully, the truth can always be found in one place and impossible searches are a thing of the past.

All info found quickly

All business-critical information easily integrated into the customer portal, business applications or easy to find in the Enterprise Information Management System.

One central place for all information

A very user-friendly solution for the fragmentation of information created by the technological developments of recent decades.

“Complete information readily available at every workplace”

Wout van 't Wel Bronkhorst High-Tech

“With Xtendis we distribute pieces within the organization”

Paul Grift OOM Verzekeringen

“Van Lanschot is committed to managing digital customer files”

Wil Lauwen Van Lanschot Kempen

“Linking to UNIT4 saves time when archiving and consulting information”

Gijs Peeters Heleon Group

“Thanks to digitisation battle with DMS Xtendis more focus on our core business”

Demis van Kouwen Van Gelder

“Thanks to Xtendis, we save a lot on archive space”

Henk Binken Kras Recycling

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    Specialist in large volumes
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    Organization wide approach
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    Connected with 100+ applications
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    > 2.7 billion files stored securely
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    ISO 27001/ISAE 3402 Type II
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    100% Dutch product

Expansion in numbers

Expansion supports its customers in optimizing their daily performance with enthusiasm.